1930 Velocette Model KTP

Velocette introduced the 350cc Overhead Camshaft 'K' series machines in 1925. The KTT model was very successful in racing in the late 1920s, and a number of roadster models followed on, such as the KTS (Touring Sports) and KSS (Super Sports). The KTP (Twin Port) was not a success, as the twin port head seriously compromised the performance. The KTP model would often have a single-port head fitted, to produce an ersatz sports model, and as a result, there are very few original KTP models remaining.

This is the promotional poster from 1930. Click on the image for a full size version.

I am lucky in that the engine (KA915), frame (KP921) and gearbox (XS4678) are all original, and my machine, TR 9250, was originally sent from the factory to Alec Bennet in Southampton. Bennet won the 1926 Junior TT race on a KTT, and retired to concentrate on his motor-trade business in Southampton. So he is, in part, responsible for the enhanced company logo which will eventually adorn my petrol tank:

These pictures show the full set of components that I located in Dad's workshop in Buntingford before restoration.

Obviously there is a lot of work to be done, but I am lucky in that, although the bike has been dismantled for over fifty years, I believe that the most important components are present, and things that are missing can still be obtained.